"The groundwork of all happiness is health"

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Real people. Real ingredients. Real results.

At Bonemade, we're returning to nature's wisdom to revitalize health and well-being.

In a world filled with processed foods and synthetic products, it’s no wonder why modern health is steadily declining. 

Inspired by generations who thrived on consuming bone marrow, we decided to bring this nutrient-dense powerhouse to modern skincare. 

After noticing improved skin tone and elasticity in our own skin from eating bone marrow, we looked for a tallow product that included it but couldn't find one. 

It seemed logical that bone marrow - a potent skin superfood - would offer even more benefits when applied directly, so we decided to test our theory.

We created our first batch in our kitchen and began selling it at a local farmers market in Coeur d’Alene, ID. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from health professionals, individuals with eczema, car mechanics seeking hand relief, and mothers in search of safe products for their children convinced us to fully commit to our venture.

We’re a family-owned business operating since 2023 with the sole mission to help others ditch harmful products and embrace nature’s wisdom for a happier and healthier life.

our values


We are dedicated to delivering the utmost quality and sustainability to our customers by exclusively sourcing products from regenerative ranches and organic practices.


We're tired of big corporations marketing us products with toxic chemicals that are disrupting our hormones. We're 100% committed to creating safe and effective products for you and your family


We aim to educate people about small impactful choices they can make that will lead to a healthier and ultimately more fulfilling life.

The Bonemade Difference

Small family business

We’re a family-owned business with the mission to help as many as possible on their lifelong journey of becoming their healthiest self.


We handcraft all of our balms right here in Idaho, USA.

Perfectly Compatible with Humans

Our balms harness the power of tallow: the closest moisturizer there is to our skin’s natural sebum.

Sustainably Sourced

We source our bone marrow from 100% grass-fed cows that aid in replenishing the earth on family-owned regenerative ranches here in the USA. This ensures that our bone marrow is rich in the nutrients we want, and free from the toxins we don’t.

100% natural

Unlike industrialized skincare products, our formula consists only of natural ingredients that are designed for humans to absorb. All our balms are free from synthetics, fillers and any hormone disruptors.

Low Temperature Rendering

We render our bone marrow on low temperature to keep all the nutrients in their most natural and bioavailable form. We also render “bone-in” so we can extract the array of minerals present in them.

“I love the feel of this balm on my skin... so hydrating without feeling greasy. It melts right in, leaves a nice sheen and really lasts!”

Anne M.

“Bonemade products have exceeded my expectations. It seems to help with dark circles and wrinkles around my eyes. I must admit at first it seemed a bit odd to put tallow on my face, but I am very glad I gave it a try!”

Kate J.

“This balm seemed to give my skin what it lacked and my skin was still satisfied the next day, even after my morning shower. Happy I gave it a try!”

Kris J.